Lancer Convent School In Rohini A Best Place For Education

Published: 01st June 2011
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Lancer Convent Sr. Secondary School is located in Outer Ring Road in Rohini. The exact location of the school is in Prashant Vihar. The school provides education from nursery to Class X. The school was established with a vision of providing quality education to its students.

Rohini is a 30-year-old residential sub-city in North West Delhi in India. Rohini is the second largest sub-city in Asia after Dwarka Sub City in South West Delhi. The city has some of the best apartments. It is a well-developed region. Rohini is home to many educational institutes. This area is a major center for education and academics. There are many good schools and colleges in the area. Lancer Convent Sr. Sec. School is one of them.

The school is dedicated to provide world-class educational facilities to the students. The school has well-equipped computer labs where the students can learn their subject properly. The school has well-ventilated class rooms. The latest teaching aids are used for teaching the children. The best teaching aids help the children in learning properly. The school has a rich library that has the latest collection of books, magazines and encyclopedias.

The school has many science labs. There is a play ground in the school where the students can take part in various outdoor games such as football, volleyball and cricket. The school also houses a well maintained science lab. The school encourages its students to take part in various co-curricular activities like music, dance, arts and sports. The school has proper and safe transportation facility for its students.

During his years at school, apart from taking part in academics, the student shall also take part in co-curricular activities. Through participation in co-curricular activities, the children learn to mingle with others. Through co-curricular activities, the children learn various skills. The children also learn the command of the leaders and learn to carry out instructions. The children also learn punctuality and respect for others.

If a student serves as leaders in the clubs/societies/uniformed bodies he/she learns to lead a group. By participating in co-curricular activities, the child learns management skills, leadership skills, time management, ability to handle stress/risk and decision making. The child learns to co-operate with others.

The student learns to participate in team sports, band, debate club and honor societies. The child learns to work as a team.

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